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I dunno if i can post stories but.uh..soemthing..needed to be posted

She walked through the steam rising between the cement. Blue jeans cut off at the knee and a self-tailored white t-shirt, collar bone poking through the slight alterations. Hair pulled up loosely in an attempt to hold the ocean back, skin the color of wild honey. I was waiting by some chain or other, catching light with my fingers and the clouds in my eyes. The sun glinted off the space between my street and hers. I knew she was there before I looked, I smiled before I thought to.

It was casual hello, a casual everything. We walked together, not really knowing what to say , understanding the silence. I closed my eyes and the clouds broke through. Within five minutes I knew wearing a wifebeater that day was not only stupid but pointless, I would have been identical topless.

The rain was on and off again that day, sort of like our friendship has been since. There were no long breaks or even suggested halts, just temperate declines followed by downpours. We had taken off our shoes, walked on the park grass like it was pure and not some block of land belonging to runaway coke feinds and deaf anarachy movements. Within moments we could feel the plotted earth settle between our toes. Her face told me it was time to put the soles between us and the earth.

I remember swings and pushing til my calves burned and my smile ached. I remember the long slow walk to the train station. It was a drawn out ride and a million words could have flowed between but I probably stared down at my wet converse and her sandals. Sandals I imagined someone whose feet had a story to tell would wear. I had already met her feet, a broken step-ladder of toes and masculine shading. I watched them amble through the doors of the train at my stop.

[[[[[to be continued...]]]]]]]]]]]]]
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